COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSPD) -- Almost nine of 10 Ohio third-graders were able to pass the state's new Third Grade Reading Guarantee and will move on to the fourth grade. 

105,681 students in public schools and 5,878 community school students passed. The spring rate of 88 percent is higher than the 63 percent who passed last fall.

"We are seeing a big jump in the number of students that are successful between the fall and the spring," said Ohio Dept of Education spokesman John Charlton.

If students didn't pass the tests in the spring they can still take it two more times over the summer before being held-back.

"And they can be promoted mid-year if they can demonstrate that they have met that third grade reading standard and handle work in 4th grade," Charlton said.

20 districts in the state had 100 percent passage rates. Toledo Public Schools had a 76.4% passing rate. Washington Local Schools had 85.2% of third graders pass.