COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSPD) -- Tests have come back negative for a Columbus woman who was being tested for the Ebola virus. The 46-year old woman had recently returned home from a trip that included stops in West Africa.

“While Columbus has the proper facilities to handle a case of Ebola if necessary, we are happy to report that the Columbus resident has tested negative for the virus,” says Columbus Health Commissioner Dr. Teresa Long.

The woman is said to be "doing well" and remains in the hospital.

"The patient is being held here in Columbus at one of the medical facilities in isolation," said Jose Rodriguez, a spokesman for Columbus Public Health.

Rodriguez would not identify the hospital where the woman is being treated. He said she is "doing well."

The Centers for Disease Control have put out guidelines for testing patients for Ebola. They include certain symptoms and if the person has recently visited one of the countries impacted by the deadly disease.

Melanie Amato with the Ohio Dept of Health confirms that the test results came back negative Tuesday morning.