(NEWSER– Adam Lanza left behind no clues as to why he killed 26 children and staff at Sandy Hook Elementary, but the New York Daily News claims it has accessed audio of a seven-minute call he made to an Oregon radio station that gives a little more insight into his dark mind. The attorney at the helm of the investigation into the Dec. 14, 2012, shooting did confirm to the Daily News that authorities were aware of the call, but said, "I do not specifically know whether or not that is Adam Lanza" on the tape. Two former friends of Lanza's, however, say it's him, though they say he may have attempted to alter his voice. So what does the caller, who went by the name of "Greg," discuss during his Dec. 11, 2011, call to "Anarchy Radio" host John Zerzan? Travis, the Connecticut chimp who mauled Charla Nash's face in 2009—and mass shootings. Some standout comments (audio here):

  • Travis' "attack can be seen entirely parallel to the attacks and random acts of violence ... committed by humans, which the mainstream also has no explanation."
  • "I just ... don’t think it would be such a stretch to say that [Travis] very well could have been a teenage mall shooter or something like that."

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