Are you one of these Facebook stereotypical moms?  Or maybe a little of each?

The Every Milestone ever Mom...whether it's the first tooth or first've just got to share!


The Favor seeker...need a idea?  Help me!


Let's Make a Deal Mom...are you  "liking" a lot of brands in the hopes of scoring coupons and deals?


The Pinterest Perfect Mom...every party, snack, photo, event, milestone is a big and crafty production...tough to compete!


She's too sexy for our Newsfeed Mom...when her kids are old enough to she what mom has been upto...she will have a lot of deleting to do.


The Philosopher...lengthy musings about life, love and parenting


The Hipster...she may have already abandoned Facebook for something trendier.

(thanks to Dr. Dave's Ultimate Prep)