Having trouble getting your child to open up about what happened at school today?  Maybe you can try a different approach by asking more creative questions.  We've listed a few that seem like they might get a child to respond:


1.  What or who made you laugh today?

2. If you could choose...who would you want to sit next to in class?  Or not sit next to?

3. Where is the coolest place in school?

4. Tell me a weird word you heard today?

5. If I called your teacher tonight...what would she tell me about you?

6. Who in your class do you think you could be nicer to?

7. If you got to be the teacher tomorrow...what would you do?

8. Who is funniest person in your class?

9. How did someone help you today?

10. If an alien spaceship came to your classroom today...who would you want them to beam up?