Here are you new best friends from the Toledo Humane Society!

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Treeing Walker
Hound mix –2 year old, male


  • After his owner became ill, Maynard was brought
    into the Toledo Area Humane Society to find a new home.

  • Maynard is an active boy that is searching for an

    owner who understands the needs and behaviors of a hunting breed.

  • Hounds love to follow scents, bark at squirrels,
    and expend a lot of energy out in the yard.

  • Maynard is an intelligent dog and already knows
    several basic commands.

  • He likes to roughhouse when he plays so his
    adoptive family will need to help him learn his limitations.

  • Maynard is motivated by food and the easiest way to
    focus his attention is to offer him a tasty snack. 



Brown Tiger
and White DSH – 5 year old, female


Adoption Fee: $110.00

was brought into the shelter as a stray.

  • The
    people who found him said that he kept trying to get into their house, so he must
    not have enjoyed being put outside.

  • Izzy
    has a great personality and is gentle and playful with children.

  • He
    loves to sprawl out on the cat trees and take long naps.

  • He
    enjoys climbing and loves to be scratched behind the ears.

  • If
    you are looking for a low maintenance relationship Izzy will be a great
    companion for you!



in the Park – Save the date!


Fetch your sneakers
and grab a furry friend for the 1.5 mile journey around ArrowheadPark in Maumee. Online registration is now

Sunday, May 19 from
10 am - 2 pm.