Work From Home? Are You A Slob?

Seems that we can think of LOTS of advantages of working from home, but here are a few disadvantages we didn't really consider.

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WORKING WORLD: Shameful Eating Habits of People Who Work From Home


If you work from home, you have the luxury of not having to commute to your job.

And, you have the luxury of not having to leave your office at lunchtime and drive to a restaurant for food.

Well, sometimes this isn’t a luxury because working from home means you can just walk to your refrigerator and eat terribly.

Here are some shameful eating habits of people who work from home:

  • You eat by the handful – Who needs silverware when you have a hand with fingers on it?
  • Eating over the sink to conserve dishes – This is just slightly less dignified than eating off of a paper towel.
  • Protein bars are meals – No muss, no fuss … as long as you end up throwing the wrapper away.
  • Your coffee is usually cold or microwaved – People who actually travel to the office stop at Starbucks along the way and always have a pot of hot coffee available for them in the break room.
  • Cleanliness is a low priority – Your house is a mess. Who cares? It’s YOUR house and there’s no boss around to tell you to clean up. Unless you’re married, of course.
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