Here is a quick guide we discussed this morning. If you find that you have run out of a specific cosmetic item, you can substitute:

Hair Conditioner for Shaving Cream

Apple Cider Vinegar + Cold Water = Hair Shine Enhancer

Lemon = Nail Strengthener

Used Matches = Killer Smoky Eyes

Salicylic Acid = Flawless Tan (bathe with this and your tan will last longer)

Hydrogen Peroxide = Grey Hair Brightener

Coral Lipstick + Concealer = Dark Circle Eraser

Ice Water = Nail Polish Setter

Epsom Salts + Essential Oils = Custom Foot Soak

Vaseline + Perfume = Fragrance Extender

Toilet Seat Covers = Blotting Papers

Coffee + Conditioner = Brunette Color Booster

Flatiron = Fabric Wrinkle Releaser

Olive Oil = Makeup Remover

Toilet Seat Covers = Blotting Paper

For futher explanations on this guide, Click Here!