On Wednesday I received the best news ever...the results of my PET scan showed a complete positive response to chemotherapy!  In other words...the cancer is gone!  Wow!  Wasn't expecting the best case scenario...I would have accepted that the cancer had diminished and that we were on the right track.  But to hear that it is gone...miraculous news!  Thank you to everyone who has been praying for me...sending me good mojo...good vibes are good medicine and I could not have done this without all the unending support.

I still have to finish my last two chemo treatments...kind of like having to finish an antibiotic even after you already feel better.  But now the chemo doesn't seem so daunting...and if there is any cancer hiding in me...I say lets keep zapping. 

Until I have gone five years cancer-free, I won't be considered cured.  And I will have to maintain regular monitoring...every three months the first year...every six months the second year.  But this PET scan is the best start to a clean bill of health.

And a big thank you to my oncologist, Dr. Timothy Kasunic...his staff...the Hickman Cancer Center and Flower Hospital.  The night before getting my PET scan results was probably the longest wait ever.  But Dr. Kasunic's office was kind enough to get my appointment changed to an earlier one when they had a cancellation.  And Dr. Kasunic didn't waste any time when he entered the room...the news was great and he quickly shared it.  And for that, and many other reasons...I am eternally grateful!