Make sure you have good lighting and good eyeglasses...because when you are
trying to counteract the side-effects of chemo therapy...there are lots of
different types of medications and treatments...and many of them look the
same...particulary the dimensions of the packaging.

Try not to confuse your toothpaste with hemorrhoid ointment...similar tube,
similar size...totally different outcome if you  accidentally mix them up. 
Don't ask.

Same thing with numb the area around my chemo port...and numb my
lips from cold sores...and help me with dry mouth.   I never pick
up the right choice right away.

And then the various pills I shaped like a help
abate heartburn.  Another shaped like a baseball to help with nausea.  The
bigger basketball size pills are my steroids...they taste like a boys locker
room.  And then the cute Skittle red pills...combined stool softener and
laxative.   Yah, taste the rainbow!

And finally, even some of the names of my medications are similar...which
often makes me sound like an idiot at the pharmacy since I frequently ask for
the wrong drug for the wrong purpose.  Lunesta for sleeping...Neulasta to boost
my white blood count...and Nystatin to prevent thrush.

I am beginning to understand why it is so tough to get into pharmacy
school...and stay there.  Keeping all this stuff straight is not for the faint of
heart. And somewhere I probably have a pill for that too.