I can be the egg and the Easter Bunny all at the same time!  Hopefully, my hair will start growing back by time Easter rolls around. 

 Recently, a big hat box arrived at my house...sent from one of my best friends from high school...Mary Pat.  She just learned I have been undergoing chemo therapy.  So, she shared with me that 10 to 15 years ago a giant hatbox started getting filled by cancer patients who put in hats, cards, inspirational items and other things to help other patients during their trying times.  And when you are done using the items, put some of your hats in it...maybe  a card or letter telling your story...and send the box on...to someone you know who could use the encouragement.  What a great idea!  I don't even know most of the women I've read about...but I feel such a kinship with them.  Similar to the feeling I had when I gave birth...like I belong to a special club. 

These bunny ears were in the big hat box...arriving just in time for spring, Easter and some silliness on my part.  Now I can't wait to find some weird headgear to put in the box...and happily send the box onto the next special person.