Chemo #4

Can't believe my treatments are more than half way done now...and chemo #4 was uneventful again and I got finished 45 minutes sooner than chemos #2 and
#3.  This chemo is very important for me because it sets the stage for a
PET scan in two weeks to see if the treatment is working and my NonHodgkins
Lymphoma is fast becoming a non issue!  Hopefully, the scan will show that
it has cleared or at least lessened its presence.  It is possible I may have to have an additional two chemo treatments or maybe a stem cell transfer.  But I don't want to get ahead of myself.  One day at a time!  And lots of prayers and positive thoughts.

And speaking of positive thoughts...enjoy the picture I took from my chemo chair at the Hickman Cancer Center at Flower Hospital.  What a beautiful setting right outside our windows there...the gardens and trees and lovely, even on a wintry day in Toledo.  Of course, it helps when you have a rare gorgeous sunny day to complement the setting.

I also included a picture of a basket of hats that sits on the desk in the lobby
of the Hickman Center.  I want to send a shout-out to the volunteers that
make these the hundreds.  If you don't see one in the basket
that suits your style...just ask and they will pull out a huge bag full of even
more hats made by these wonderful angels.  Thank you to:


Head Huggers

Road Christian Church

They have succeeded in helping those of us with hair loss...look good...and stay
warm!   AND did I mention the hats are free!  Take what you need!  In fact, they may have to clarify that only the hats are free.  Someone walked off with the styrofoam model head that was sporting one of the hats.  No problem...I have an extra model head that I am going to donate to the cause.  Let's hope we can keep our heads about every way, shape and form!