So I had some help cleaning out my closet and getting rid of the clothes that don't fit anymore due to my 20 pound weight loss during chemo therapy.  Jane Wurth, from Ragazza boutique in Perrysburg and Sylvania, came into my closet and offered some sound advice...Live for today, not 20 pounds ago.  Here is the result of her efforts...3 bags full!

Where to go with used clothing?  How about the Discovery Store of the American Cancer Society.  Located on W. Sylvania Ave. in the Saxon Square Shopping Center. Lots of volunteers working their magic there...and all to help raise funds for research for all types of cancer...including my own, NonHodgkins Lymphoma.



And here is one of my new outfits from Ragazza in downtown Perrysburg.  My old black sweather paired with a new, hip blouse and scarf.  I love it!