Saturday was my first radio remote broadcast since I got sick in November...needless to say, it looks like I couldn't hold up under the strain!  Just kidding!  I actually had a blast at the new Gateway Plaza...on Secor and Dorr...on the corner of the University of Toledo.

Funny story...since this was one of my first forays out in public...I tried to make myself look more than presentable...and honestly, on Saturday with my wig and my new skinny jeans I thought I was all that!  Then a gentleman came up to me and asked what he had to do to win a Gateway which I replied..."Simple.  Just guess my age."  And so he did!  He guessed my age at 3 years older than I actually am.  Yikes!  I went home and told my husband..."I think the wig makes me look older."  Or maybe I just need more sleep time in the big comfy red chair!