I'm a big fan of skylines... so here's a few.  My vacation was a road-trip through the Southeast/Mid-Atlantic visiting friends and taking in the scenery.  Atlanta, Nashville, Charleston, SC a drive through Virginia, DC, and West Virginia!

From the rooftop lounge of Rock Bottom on Broadway in Nashville...the street view.

Rock Bottom rooftop lounge looking back at the Tennessee Titans Stadium across the river.  Hard Rock Café in the foreground.

On the way home I drove through the Blue Ridge Mountains and Appalachians in VA.  I couldn't find a safe spot to stop and get a picture of the views.  It looked like an artist painted it.  Just beautiful.  This photo is from the scenic outlook of the West Virginia Visitor's Center.  The large compound is the Green Briar Hotel in White Sulphur Springs, WV.  I apparently "just missed' the County Fair. 

Finally, on the way home I sat at the border of West Virginia and Ohio for at least an hour.  No reason... just on the ramp before the river. 


Do you know how each state got its name?  Click Here for that.