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See What Happened When Her Son Took A Toaster To School To Make Pop-Tarts

Her post caught my eye...

It's one of those tweets you feel like you have to dig a little deeper into, and you'll really want to follow this thread.

The bottom line is, the story got a lot of attention and people started sending them Pop-Tarts.

And she responded with "This story really captures him and I’m glad everyone is enjoying it! I know it’s getting a lot of attention so if you want to go donate some pop tarts or some thing else to your local food pantry, we would love that! Food pantries have gotten our family through some rough times."

So a lot of people started donating to food pantries... including the company that MAKES Pop-Tarts.

One small gesture got a big ball rolling to help hungry kids.

Pop tarts, or toaster pastry, shot from the top

Photo: Getty Images

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