It's OK To Lie...

Nothing sums up the true spirit of Christmas like lying right to your kids' faces.

According to a new survey, three out of four parents say they LIE to their kids at this time of year to, quote, "keep the magic of Christmas alive."  And they tell an average of EIGHT lies to do it.  Here are the 10 most popular lies . . .

1.  Santa's sleigh is driven by flying radar.

2.  Santa keeps lists of nice and naughty children to decide who gets presents.

3.  Santa lives in the North Pole.

4.  Kids have to be asleep by midnight on Christmas Eve or Santa won't come.

5.  Elves make presents in Santa's workshop.

6.  The elves wrap all the presents.

7.  Naughty children get a lump of coal in their stocking.

8.  Santa puts on "silent shoes" to come in the front door if he can't get down the chimney.

9.  If you open your eyes when you hear Santa in the house, he disappears.

10.  Santa travels around the world before Christmas to meet kids to find out what presents they want.