Signs You Are The Rebound

Watch out for some of the behaviors listed below. If your partner displays more than half those behaviors, you may want to ask yourself the following question:

"Am I A Rebound?"

  1. He/She can't stop talking about their ex
  2. He/She seems to be into you for no real reason
  3. He/ She keeps trying to change you into a different person
  4. You met him/her while he/she appeared to be going through a really difficult time
  5. Your relationship seems to be moving fast on the outside, but slowly on the inside
  6. They want to act like you have been together forever, though forever was actually maybe a month or two ago
  7. Your partner gives you mixed signals
  8. He/she frequently becomes irrationally angry at you
  9. Your partner likes to show you off to their friends, family, and at "certain" places

If your partner fulfills at least half of the 9 signs above, it may be time to sit down for a frank and open discussion. Point out their behavior to them, and see if you would like to both try once more, or just part ways for better relationships

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