Tips To Get Over Those First Date Nerves

First dates can be pretty nerve wracking, a lot of what if's and for some it's a lot of overthinking. Here are some tips and tricks to help calm those first date nerves down!

  1. Plan a simple date: No need to over complicate it and suggest something you might want to do!
  2. Make yourself comfortable: Choose a familiar date spot and wear something you're comfortable in.
  3. Do something you like beforehand: Go for a run or bake a fresh batch of cookies, make sure it's something positive you enjoy
  4. Set realistic expectations: Your first date might go down as the best first date of all time OR it could go terribly wrong. If you can acknowledge that your first date might not necessarily be a hit it can help calm those nerves
  5. Focus on your date and not on yourself: The more time you spend on getting to know your date the less time you have to focus on you and your nerves. Listen!
  6. Be yourself: You already know your date is interested in you. Let them get to know the real you

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