Random Thursday stuff: Pet sick days, most popular day to cheat and more

Facebook just hit another milestone. It just announced that it has 2 billion monthly users. That’s double the number since 2012. This makes Facebook the largest social media app in the world. (Reuters) 


Apparently there is a day of the week when people are most likely to cheat ... and that day is kind of surprising. According to Illicit Encounters, the most common cheating day is Monday, followed closely by Friday. (The Frisky) 


Pet sick days … According to a new survey, one third of workers in the UK say they have skipped work to take care of a sick pet. And 42% of respondents said they had lied to their boss about being sick when it was actually their pet that was under the weather. More than 30% of those polled said they thought companies should give employees time off to take care of their sick furry friends. (Business Insider) 


Satan's spinners? Busy hands are the devil's playground … according to South American religious leader Juan Mariano Avalos, who says that fidget spinners will help send kids straight to hell. Avalos says there are two equally evil ways to hold the toys: one that forces you to raise your index finger and pinkie, creating the "sign of the devil” and one that makes you form a"666" symbol with your digits. (Daily Mirror)


Shockingly, swiping right doesn’t make for good relationships. According to a new study, Tinder is not a good way to find good dates. Because the focus of Tinder is on pictures, users of the app have very little info about the people they are interested in. So when they meet up, things often fall apart because their beliefs, values and personalities do not match up – because, obviously, you’re not swiping right or left based on personality. Researchers behind the study said the best way to improve your chances of hitting it off with your Tinder date is to lower your expectations … which is actually pretty good advice for finding happiness in any area of your life, isn't it? (Daily Mail)


Stop with the baby talk! According to guys, baby talk is a huge turn-off. Other no-nos: Dramatic arguments, dumbing yourself down, and acting helpless. (The Frisky) 

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