Shocking reasons why people have been uninvited to a wedding

While some people would rather do anything than attend a wedding, it still doesn’t feel good when you are uninvited to someone’s celebration. Sure, friends can have a falling out, leading to the rescinding of an invitation, but then there are those brides and grooms who have some other reasons for uninviting guests, and usually they are scandalous.

Well, a new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has folks revealing the reasons why they were uninvited to a wedding, and while there are some cases that are just downright outrageous.

Shocking reasons folks have been uninvited to a wedding include:

  • “I was just uninvited to my friend’s wedding because she found out I slept with her soon-to-be husband before they got together.”
  • “I was uninvited to a wedding because I refuse to wear a dress.”
  • “My best friend fired me as her Maid of Honor and uninvited me to her wedding (but still wants to be friends) because I sat in the wrong seat at her bridal shower. There was no assigned seating.”
  • “I got uninvited to my best friend’s wedding because his wife doesn’t feel comfortable with me and him being around each other. Sad thing is he’s been my best friend and brother for like eight years.”
  • “My boss/ ‘friend’ uninvited me from her wedding because I’m a lesbian and she isn’t okay with it. When she asked me to get her coffee this morning I spit in it. Watching her drink it is the best revenge.”
  • “My sister uninvited me to her wedding for making a crack about how poor people go to prison to get tattoos. I forgot her fiancé had been.”
  • “She uninvited me to her wedding because I can’t afford to go to her bachelorette party. We’ve been friends for eight years.”
  • “My sister uninvited me to her wedding because I can’t get time off of work and afford to fly out for her bridal shower.” 

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