The ages we're best at everything....

Some things definitely get better with age, like your favorite pair of Levis and George Clooney. Growing up does have its downsides - no one says paying bills and being responsible is fun, but there are advantages to being an adult, too. Here are some scientific studies that prove there’s a lot of great stuff to look forward to with aging.

These are the ages we’re best at everything, according to science:

  • Most content with life... 23. A German study of 23,000 found that 23 is the peak age when people feel satisfied with life, but it’s not all wasted on the young. After a dip in middle age, they also found life satisfaction peaks again at age 69.
  • Fit enough to run a marathon... 28. A study found that at 28, the average runner finished a marathon in just over two hours. According to another study, physical strength peaks at 25, but it stays that way for the next 10 to 15 years.
  • Able to put a name to the face... 32. Harvard University scientists found that facial recognition abilities are at their best when we’re 32.
  • Hitting our sexual peak... 33. Researchers have found that despite being more sexually active in our 20s, women have the best and most fulfilling sex lives at age 33. Why is that the magic number? By then we know what we want and how to get it!
  • Using maximum brain power... 50. According to Harvard University research, cognitive function peaks at 50.
  • Most body confident... 65. You might think people feel best about themselves when they’re young and their bums are at their perkiest, but research shows more people always like the way they look when they’re 65 and older. The study also suggests that the older women get, the less they care about having a “bikini body” because there are “more important things in life.” Ain’t that the truth!

Source: Whimn

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