Man Arrested After Leaving Two Pounds Of Marijuana In An Uber


A Pittsburgh man was arrested after he left two pounds of marijuana in the backseat of an Uber. After dropping off Malik Mollett, the Uber driver received an e-mail that Mollett had left behind a black bag, which contained illegal drugs. The driver called the police, who reached out to Mollett pretending to be the Uber driver.

The undercover officers told Mollett to meet them at a nearby McDonald's to claim his bag. They even showed him a photo of the bag as part of their ruse. When Mollett arrived, an officer went inside and gave him the bag.

“I think he even made a reference to ‘how much of this did you guys smoke?’ And the undercover officer that we had dropping it off said they did not consume any of his marijuana,” Trooper Steve Limani said.

After the first officer left, another officer entered the fast food restaurant and took Mollett into custody. He is facing charges of drug possession charges and criminal use of a communication facility.


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