Woman Tosses Stolen Panties Out Of Her Car During High-Speed Chase

Holly Sansone

Holly Sansone

A 34-year-old woman was arrested following a wild high-speed chase with police in Indiana. Holly Sansone fled from officers as they approached her car in a Kohl's parking lot moments after she allegedly stole around $50 worth of merchandise from the store, which included multiple pairs of women's underwear. 

Sansone led the police on a dangerous chase, hitting a top speed of 97 miles-per-hour as she tried to evade pursuing officers. During the chase, Sansone started tossing the stolen items out of her car, leaving a trail of women's panties along the highway.

Sansone was eventually stopped after officers deployed spike strips on the road.

“I told (Sansone) that she could have killed someone the way she was driving, and (Sansone) again stated that she didn’t have anything on her,” the arresting officer wrote in the police report. “I told her that she still has one of the security tags sticking out of the back of her pants.”

Sansone was taken into custody and charged with felony counts of theft with a prior conviction and resisting law enforcement, and misdemeanor counts of reckless driving and resisting law enforcement. 

Photo: Porter County Sheriff's Department