Louis Tomlinson Sends Touching Video To Cancer-Stricken Fan: 'Keep Strong'



Jordan Dawes is an 18-year-old young girl who was diagnosed with liver cancer after suffering a sudden stroke late last year. In an effort to keep spirits up, and help her fight the toughest battle she's ever faced, her cousin, Amber, sent out a Twitter message, asking Louis Tomlinson, Jordan's idol, to send her some words of encouragement to help her get through this difficult time. 

With the help of social media, Louis answered the call by sending quite the uplifting video to Jordan and her family on Friday (January 18). "Hi Jordan, It's Louis here," he began. "I just wanted to send you a quick message. So many people have been in contact with me about how inspirational, incredible, and strong you are. So I did some reading up on your story and I have to agree, [you're] a very very strong woman." Louis then discussed their common interest in soccer, or as they call in the U.K. "football." 

"[I'm] also a keen football fan me-self," he shared. "The last couple of years I've kinda lost me touch, I'm not gonna lie, but I'll get it back. I just wanted to send you all my love in the world. Sending all my love to your family as well. Keep strong. Loads of love." Louis concluded the video with an air kiss.  

In Amber's original message to Louis, she detailed Jordan's cancer story. "This is my younger cousin, her name is Jordan Dawes and she is only 18 years old but has suffered a stroke, and the cause we have now discovered is Liver cancer," she wrote. "My family's hearts are broken into a million pieces and our worlds have been turned upside down. But Jordan is still smiling. She is the bravest, most inspirational young girl that I have ever met and I am so lucky to call her my cousin. She is my absolute hero."

Amber continued: "She has had so much support already from celebrities and footballers as she is an aspiring goalkeeper and plays for Kent ladies. Her biggest football idol David De Gea ha sent her his top and 250th game gloves after she had her stroke. However, now we have found that it is cancer she needs all the support she can get. Help us reach out to Louis Tomlinson as she is his biggest fan! A message from him would really keep her spirits up!"

Photo: Getty Images