Abandoned Amusement Park Geauga Lake 2020 Update - This Is Personal For Me

Abandoned amusement parks are creepy. A place that hosted joy for millions falling dead silent and in decay...

I grew up outside Cleveland and Geauga Lake was must do destination for many seasons. To see what it once was and now what it will never be again is heartbreaking.

I have a special connection with the park. Back in the late 80s this young (at the time) professional announcer got the chance to be the "voice" of the park.

I was barely into my first ever paying radio job and I can't remember how the opportunity presented itself, but i found my way into a recording studio with several scripts in front of me. I was charged with providing the voice for all the park videos that were shown all over the park when you were waiting in line for a particular attraction. There were several TV monitors placed throughout the cues and if you we're waiting in line you heard me along with accompanying video telling you about all the other rides and attractions the park had to offer. I was soooo proud.

I couldn't tell you where that audio is today. I wish I had a snippet or two. I can't remember how much I got paid all I know was at the time it was the coolest thing I had ever done. I've been lucky to have many other voice jobs for many large and small entities, but none will come close pure joy of being the voice of my hometown amusement park.

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