How long is this cold weather going to last?

The long-range forecast shows Northwest Ohio will ring in the New Year with subzero wind chills and suffer yet another week of unseasonable cold weather.

Northwest Ohio residents are being reminded to never leave their cars running while unattended.  Police say the number of auto thefts rise when temperatures fall and crooks see an opportunity.  Toledo police already have investigated numerous car thefts this week in which the victim was warming up their vehicle when the thief drove off. 

The Ohio Department of Aging is urging people to check on older neighbors and residents to make sure they’re safe in the sub-zero wind chills. The state agency is hoping good samaritans will make sure golden-agers are warm enough, and have their needed medications and sufficient food and water. Older people are at increased risk from such severe cold, from medication side effects to falling risks.

Pet owners also are being reminded to bring their dogs and cats indoors from the extreme cold.  Humane Society officials say calls about dogs tethered outside have doubled as temperatures dropped this week.  

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