Watch out for Cyber Monday scammers!

Watch For Cyber Monday Scammers-Hundreds of fake websites started popping up last week for the sole purpose of ripping you off.

The Better Business Bureau has a warning for Cyber Monday shoppers: be careful what you click on. With more and more people expected to spend billions on those after-Thanksgiving online deals, scammers can't resist the allure of so many potential marks.

The bureau recommends that before you buy something, make sure it’s from a legitimate website. There may be an ad that looks like its from a reputable company, but never click directly on it to place an order. Go to the company site separately to look for the deal or mouse over the link to make sure it's from the right place. Otherwise, you could fall victim to a phishing scam and turn over your credit card and other personal info to criminals.

Don’t click on links in emails either. Again, go straight to the website instead. Source: Tri-City Herald

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