#Fashion: What's OUT for Spring 2023

While it’s still officially winter for a few more weeks, many of us have already put our coats back in the closets and are moving on to warm weather wear. While we get our spring wardrobes together, stylists share the 10 items we should get rid of and what to wear instead.

  1. Replace chunky sneakers with retro styles - Chunky kicks were popular for a while, but vintage-inspired sneakers are taking over, according to wardrobe consultant Danielle Cafiero. She suggests wearing the more flat, close-fitting shoes with everything from loose trousers to maxi dresses.
  2. Smocked dresses are out - They were a work-from-home staple for many, but wardrobe curator Rachel Newman says slip dresses are the way to go this spring. Wear them with sneakers during the day and elevate the look with heels at night.
  3. Swap skinny jeans for baggy ones - According to Cafiero, you can retire your skinny ankle jeans “for the foreseeable future” as baggier and loose styles are taking over for spring.
  4. Get rid of your rubber clogs - Crocs and the like had their moment, but personal stylist Grant Alexander says they need to be purged from your closet and replaced with a sandal or more breathable shoe.
  5. Trade really oversized blazers for more tailored fits - The stylists point out that when a blazer or jacket is way too big, it can make you look wider, frumpier and shorter. And who wants that?
  6. No more micro mini skirts - Longer hems are back in style, according to Cafiero, who says you’ll be seeing longer skirts from denim maxis to silk midis.
  7. Forget the tiny sunglasses - They were trendy for a while, bitty sunglasses just aren’t as practical as frames that fit your face properly.
  8. Cold-shoulder tops are out - Newman says they’re dated and are being replaced by sheer styles.
  9. Cargo pants are cool, but not in camo print - Cargo pants are "the pants of the season,” according to the fashion experts, who say solid colors are the way to go.
  10. Lose the micro logo bags - Those tiny bags were in style for a while, but this season, a statement clutch in a bold color, interesting fabric or unique shape is on trend.

Source: Insider

Photo: Getty Images

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