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New Breathalyzer Test for COVID-19

Let's face it... none of us liked sticking a swab up our noses for COVID-19 tests. (Especially the ones that felt like they went all the way to your brain or something!)

Those tests were just uncomfortable. And as you can see below, it wasn't a very flattering look either.

Good news! The FDA has given emergency use authorization for the first COVID 19 breath test, which can be used in medical offices and mobile testing sites.

It's fast... you get results back in less than three minutes.

And it's very accurate... detecting 90% of positive cases and nearly 100% of negative ones.

And because I said I would... here's that highly unflattering photo of me getting a COVID-19 test at the Mobile County Health Department's testing site at Bel Air last summer

Photo: Mobile County Health Dept

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Photo: Getty Images

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