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School is out, what should we keep?

Here is a list of things that are safe to get rid of and some you should keep...forever!



Homework sheets - Even if your kid got a 100 on it, throw away all the photocopied worksheets. There are just too many of these to hold onto.

Old school supplies, unless they’re in great shape - You’ll want to get new supplies for next year, so out with the old, unless they’re in pristine condition.

Non-special crafts - Yeah, we get it, they’re all special, but you can’t keep them all. So pick a few of your favorites and if you’re feeling guilty, take photos of all the projects before you toss them, so you have a digital copy.

Time-stamped school correspondence - You can get rid of all those forms about last year’s school calendar, field trips, and fundraisers.


Some special crafts - Sure, you love them all, but just pick a few to hold onto forever.

Report cards and standardized test scores - One day your kid might want to see all of them.

A couple of writing samples - You and your child will enjoy looking at how their handwriting, spelling, and vocabulary have improved from grade to grade.

Notes to their future selves - If you have anything predicting their future jobs and lives, keep it for sure.

Forms about the upcoming school year - You’ll want to start off the year being as organized as possible, so put these where you can find them at the end of the summer.

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