An exciting NEW weapon in the battle against cancer

The Fight Against Cancer Gets A New Weapon - Cancer patients can have a little more hope today, thanks to a possible breakthrough.

A new drug mixture is eliminating cancer tumors in mice. A study out of Stanford University found that the mix, dubbed a vaccine, has a very high success rate in mice. How is it happening? Two compounds injected directly into the tumors completely killed the cancer cells.

The good news is, it worked on multiple types of cancer, including lymphoma, breast cancer, colon cancer and melanoma. The amazing thing is even cancer cells not known to doctors, in other parts of the mice, also vanished.

Researchers say they're ready for human trials. While they don't expect many side effects, the scientists warn that what works on mice doesn't necessarily work on people. The study was published yesterday in the journal "Science Translational Medicine."Source: Stanford Medicine

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