A pooping Unicorn is this year's hottest toy!

While some kids love the classics like Barbies and Legos, there are always ones who will want the hottest thing on the market today, and apparently this year that revoves around...poop. Apparently one of the hottest toys this holiday season is the Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn and the main purpose of the toy is to get it to poop out sparkly unicorn slime. 

That’s right, a $49.99 toy based around poop is the big thing right now. Basically, kids bottle feed the toy a meal of slime-making powdered “Unicorn food” and water, and then pushes its belly button to emit a stream of glittery goo from a heart shaped hole in their bottom.

MGA Entertainment, the company behind Poopsie, is expected to sell 650,000 of them around the world this holiday season, with its CEO Isaac Larian saying the appeal is the humor, noting ‘funny is money.”

And while some parents may take issue with the poop aspect of the doll, others have other problems with it.   "I’m going to start a parents’ action group against slime and glitter,” dad JamesAlba of Oradell, New Jersey tells the "New York Post." “There’s already glitter embedded in our hardwood floors."

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