How has your business/life been affected by recent events?

We have all had our lives changed rather dramatically over these past days/weeks and are all pitching in to do our part. Here at our offices a great many things have changed. The nearly empty parking lot is the first indication that something has changed. Then the signs at the front and back door another. For those of us that do have access to the building (essential personnel) we are met with new signs posted every few feet. Overkill? NO! If we do not all do our part to curb the spread of the Coronavirus, we'll look back and ask " I wonder if we could we have done more?" Of course, many of you reading this will not go to work for a few weeks. There are resources for you too. Our main page has tons of information. Please refer to it if you have questions. Stay safe by washing your hands and practicing "social distancing", obey the Governor's "Stay at Home Order" and help your neighbors in need when you can. Hopefully in a few more weeks we'll all look back and remember how American's pitched in to shorten the cycle of Covid-19, by pitching in.