Are you STILL making these common mistakes with your face covering?

Are you wearing/using your mask correctly? Here are some mistakes we are making:

  • You aren’t washing your hands before and after you take off your mask– To be safe from transmitting the virus you should wash your hands for 20-30 seconds before and after wearing your mask.
  • You aren’t cleaning your face after wearing a mask– 31.9% of people have done this, and this could be the reason folks are suffering from mask acne.
  • You’re sharing a mask with others– 25% of people admit to sharing masks without washing them. That’s totally unhygienic.
  • You’re reusing disposable masks– 44% of people admit to reusing disposable masks multiple times, but they are designed for short-term use only.
  • You’re washing your disposable mask– they are disposable for a reason. Trying to wash them defeats the purpose of wearing a mask.
  • You aren’t washing your reusable mask for days or even weeks– the CDC recommends washing reusable masks after every use.
  • You aren’t covering your nose and mouth with your mask– This completely negates the benefits of wearing a mask.
  • You aren’t storing your mask correctly– they need to be stored in a safe place away from other people, with the CDC suggesting putting them in a dry, breathable bag. Also store dirty masks in a plastic bag until they are ready to be cleaned.

Source:Huffington Post